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Healthcare & Wellness

We strongly advocate that “Prevention Is Always Better than Cure”, and integrate Western Medical Technologies with Traditional Eastern Therapies to implement this philosophy. GHHS Healthcare, Chinese Medical Centre and Wellness Centre is the first in Malaysia to offer professional and comprehensive preventive healthcare approaches amidst and idyllic resort setting.

With professional expertise and highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment, we are able to provide all our members with the very best care and technology available. Uniting the latest in modern Western medicine and technology with holistic Eastern philosophies, GHHS Healthcare provides a wide spectrum of preventive and standard healthcare services. The entire centre is surrounded by a lush, green, relaxing resort environment, with your needs attended to at every turn by experienced, qualified healthcare professionals.

With a level of service comparable to any 5-star hotel, surrounded by health, tranquility and relaxation, your experience will be anything but cold or clinical. GHHS healthcare provides health screening to the genetic level that screens your genes, cells and organs to determine your current health status and risk factors. These results are interpreted by professional consultants and medical officers to provide you with the best diagnosis and medical plans. Our lifestyle modification plans empower you with the knowledge and tools to keep your health at its peak.

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